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Boeing B747-400

Manufactured by Boeing - four turbofans - long haul

There are two main types of the 747. One “nose loading” 747, and the standard side loading 747.

This aircraft is the largest of the palletised cargo aircraft, and has a range of around 13 hours.

This aircraft is ideal for payloads above 80 tons that are not too large for palletised aircraft.


Max load (tonnes) 120 route allowing
Door size (WxH cm) 340 x 312
Cargo hold (LxWxH cm) 5050 x 486 x 304
Useable volume (cubic m) 764
Runway requirement (m) 3390
Load range (km) 13180
Ferry range (km) 15540
Cruise speed (km/h) 938
Fuel burn (litres/h) -
Pallet positions 30 main deck

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